U.S. MIGRATION stats for your county


The U.S. MIGRATION stats for your county website accesses US census data to help users understand the population migration flow into and out of their community. In this day when immigration is often the leading news story, it is helpful to see that migrations are part of the American experience, most counties are in flux, and, for any given community, our new neighbors are of every origin and background.

How the information is collected

The U.S. Census Bureau conducts the American Community Survey (ACS) on an ongoing basis at the county and neighborhood level. Every month, the bureau sends questionnaires to nearly 300,000 randomly-sampled addresses across America, including Puerto Rico, that contain questions ranging from age, sex and race, to broader topics such as social, economic and housing characteristics. The information collected forms the "period" estimates, which is an improvement over the previous model which collected "point-in-time" data every ten years (decennial census).

Migration flow results on this website are estimates for the years 2010-2015, and were collected from responses to the question, "Where did you live one year ago?"